By supporting Deki, you’re helping people work their way out of poverty and flourish with dignity and pride. These communities are looking for opportunities to build sustainable livelihoods, but they live in rural and hard to reach areas and they are excluded from traditional financial services and training to make it happen.

100% of sponsorship funds go directly towards the communities to enable them to develop a sustainable livelihood for their families and help their community become financially resilient.   We want to continue growing BUT we can't do it without donations from people like you. There are so many more communities we can help.

Halima Namutosi is a 24-year-old refugee from South Sudan. She lives in Northern Uganda with her husband and three children aged 4, 6 and 8 years.  

Halima settled in Namboole, in the outskirts of Kampala city. Her life was tough – Halima’s family lived in a mud house with no electricity and had to share a toilet with their neighbours. Eventually only Halima got a job making clay stoves, but work wasn’t guaranteed so she couldn’t afford to enrol her children at the local school. Her husband remained unemployed.

She applied for a loan of £240 which she spent on a wheel barrow, a rake and raw clay materials. Halima’s cooking pots were top quality and her business started to attract more and more customers. Soon she needed to hire two employees to help her make 500 pots a week. 

Halima began generating steady income that she was able to reinvest. Since her loan Halima’s earning potential has tripled and she is now able to pay for her children’s school fees and move to a better house with a tin roof and electricity. In the future Halima would like to educate her three children to university level.

Every donation gives more entrepreneurs like Halima the opportunities they need to build a brighter future for their family. // 0117 940 8970

"It's a wonderful way of helping those who want to help themselves, their families and their communities."

Trevor, UK -  Deki lender

"This is a brilliant charity, and microfinancing is a way to help people get themselves out of poverty."

Ruth, UK - Deki lender

Entrepreneurship brings empowerment, not dependency.

With your support we've changed over 50,000 lives 

With your help, we're changing lives.

When a community is lifted through a Deki loan, it reduces unemployment, boosts the local economy, and secures children's futures.

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We provide a way for Deki entrepreneurs to find their own way to dignity and change.

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We did it!

£11,404 raised in Deki's Annual Appeal.

If you wanted to give, but missed our Appeal - then please donate below.

We did it!

£11,404 raised in Deki's Annual Appeal.

If you wanted to give, but missed our Appeal - then please donate below.