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4,661 lenders.

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6 countries.

49K lives changed.

About Deki

Deki, an international microfinance charity, was founded in 2008 and is based in Bristol, UK. 

Together — with our lenders — we are transforming lives by empowering people in the developing world to work their way out of poverty by providing life changing loans and business training.

charity number: 1137047
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Make your money work harder

If you don't have time to manage your own re-lending, or you're not sure where your money will have the most impact, then let Deki do it for you — become a Deki Friend.

Sign up and your monthly Deki Friends donation will be combined with other Deki Friends' donations in a pot restricted to lending, and managed by us.

As entrepreneurs make their repayments, the Deki Friends' lending pot is re-lent every month, helping more people work their way out of poverty.

If you are a UK tax payer you can help Deki deliver your loans by adding 25p to every £1 you donate at no extra cost, via Gift Aid.

Every month, 100% of your donation will be lent to hard working entrepreneurs to help them create their own sustainable small businesses.

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Amount lent: £75,641
Lives changed: 5,238

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Effortless lending

Deki lends the entire Deki Friends' pot every month. Say goodbye to untouched repayments in your Deki account waiting to be re-lent.

Deki believes in a world of opportunity, not poverty. Yet millions of families around the world face a daily struggle. Deki works hard to connect lenders to entrepreneurs in the developing world, and provide life-changing microloans...


Choosing one of the many entrepreneurs on Deki's website can be difficult. After all, they each deserve the opportunity to create a better future for themselves and their families. Luckily, the Deki team have a way to help…

Become a Deki Friend, and we promise to take the hassle out of lending and relending by choosing for you. You'll be helping the same people, but in a different way. 

If you donated £25 a month, in 1 year that £300 will have helped fund many businesses. Kick-starting a small farm in Northern Ghana with irrigation supporting an entire family, for example. Once those loans have been repaid, your donations will be recycled to support other marginalised entrepreneurs. Such as helping a single young mother in Uganda start a successful grocery store in her remote village. 

Your donations will continue changing lives as they are repaid and relent, leading to an enormous amount of lending. And because your donations stay in the Deki Friends' lending pot, your impact is infinite.

Every loan transforms the lives of six people. Within a few years you will have transformed hundreds of lives. 

That's not just changing lives for today. It's ending the cycle of poverty for families all over Africa for generations to come. Giving them the opportunity to work their way out of poverty, with dignity and pride.

It's the same-old Deki, but your money is working the hardest it can by being completely re-lent every month, forever. You will be transforming entire communities by allowing us to:

  • Complete any loans at the end of the month that still need a small amount of funding. 
  • Fund entire villages and ensure whole communities receive their loans at the same time.
  • Help make sure that loans are funded in time for planting seasons. 
  • Ensure that no entrepreneur is on our website for longer than they need to be.

It is a very effective way of lending as we manage the loans on your behalf. We take the stress out of lending and relending by maximising your impact and ensuring we've lent the entire lending pot every month.

Choose your amountChoose your amount

Infinite impact

Pick an amount, donate every month and watch as your Deki Friends' donations transform countless lives; as loans are repaid and repayments are continuously relent.

£370 repaid of £370 loan.

Wasagali, 23, lives in South Sudan and has her own restaurant selling home-cooked food. She aspires to support her children and their education for them "to grow into good citizens".

"This loan is like my mother, it gives what I can't get by myself and it will feed my family from the profits"

£107 repaid of £120 loan.

Mawusse lives in Togo with her husband and three children. Deki Friends funded her loan of £120 and enabled her to start selling juice and homemade clothing at the local market. 

She dreams of being able to build a home for her family.


"Now I have had a Deki loan I can decide where the money I make is spent, my children will get a better education and won’t have to suffer like me”

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We believe in opportunity, not poverty

Receive monthly updates on who has been funded and a quarterly newsletter filled with successful entrepreneurs' stories.

  • You struggle to find time to pick your next loan.
  • Repayments sometimes remain in your account, un-lent.
  • You find it difficult to make a choice of who to lend to.
  • You're happy to donate to Deki instead of withdrawing your money.
  • You want to add an extra 25p to every £1 you donate, at no extra cost, via Gift Aid, to help Deki deliver the loans.

Deki Friends is for you, if…

A snowball effect that will keep changing lives forever

Dan Stern, Deki Friend

"I don't have time to monitor my account to re-lend each month, so I trust Deki to decide who is most in need."

"By giving monthly the amount available for loans is always getting bigger. And once paid back it is simply re-lent. So my £5 doesn't help just one person, it will help many more. Double win."

Mary Bowden, Deki Friend

"I chose to become a Deki Friend as it is the most efficient way to lend — I love that it's working my money in the hardest way possible."

David Brimble, Deki Friend

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Your monthly donations will be combined with other Deki Friends' donations in a pot restricted to lending, and managed by the Deki team.

It can be time consuming deciding who to lend to. That's why every month, we lend 100% of your donation, so you don't have to. We choose the entrepreneurs your donations will help, saving you time and guaranteeing you'll make the biggest impact.

You don't need to remember to relend your repayments. All repayments go back into the Deki Friends' pot, recycling your donations, and are relent again and again - meaning your donations will be changing lives forever.

Deki Friends donations cannot be withdrawn — the longer your money is in the Deki Friends' pot, the more lives you will change. And the more Deki Friends there are, the more lending there will be.

If you are a UK taxpayer you can help Deki deliver your loans by adding 25p to every £1 you donate at no extra cost, via Gift Aid

It's a different way of helping the same people. And you won't lose that personal connection. We send out monthly updates on who has been funded and a quarterly newsletter filled with successful entrepreneurs' stories.

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Where your donations go — more effective lending

And once repaid, we do it all over again — having a bigger impact than you could possibly imagine