No one should live in poverty.


Why your help matters to us.

"Last summer I went to Northern Ghana to see for myself the difference the loans make to people lives. One person I met called Kojo Galle sticks in my mind. He told me proudly that with the extra income he had generated he had been able to buy a motorbike. This was important because no-one in his village would die now because they weren’t able to get to hospital."

Bryony, Deki Marketing Director.

"Since I joined Deki last year we have increased the number of loans by 70%. I am also delighted that we have new field partnerships in Togo and Tanzania. We will also be working with a new field partner in Uganda soon, one that focuses on working with people with disabilities, orphans and young single mothers.Exactly the kind of people that Deki was set up to help. And also why Deki is so important to me."

Kathie, Deki Operations Director.

"It has been incredible to see the impact that Deki has made since my first seed of an idea... my father would be so proud to see the difference his £2,000 initial investment has made."

Vashti, Founder.


Deki empowers people to change their own lives so they never need to rely on charity again; 42,000 lives and counting.

Together we are putting a stop to poverty. Donate today and help us raise £15,000.